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Every business expands...
How Efficiently and Effectively is the question!
Vistar Provides


Bring in Revenue Before you become Locally Operational

The business expansion in different geographies comes with its own challenges and Middle-East is no different.

  • Are you able to predict your success rate?
  • When will you break-even?
  • Is your pricing as per local market?
  • Are you sales ready for Middle-East market?

Adaptability is the key to Success

Today’s business environment is highly dynamic and fast-moving, which necessitates more flexible action and quicker response processes.

Expand with Local Expertise from Day One

Vistar helps international businesses expand their footprint in the Middle-East region. Too often companies either spend too much during their new market penetration phase, thus delaying their break-even point, or they cancel their plans due to the high, unforeseen setup cost.

Vistar acts as a catalyst in entering the Middle-East market. We follow a two-fold approach for our clients’ success - our sales experts help you by getting your initial sales, and on the other hand our team helps you localize your offerings, right from providing information to fill in the product gaps, pre-sales pitch as per local market to pricing of the solution / product / service.



Companies Successfully Launched

$6.2M ARR

Generated for Partners

$85M ARR

Pipeline Generated for Partners


Countries Covered
UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait

What Our Clients Say?


Nikhil Chakravarthy

When launching our product in the middle-east, the team at Vistar brought us our first customer even before our own sales team was on the ground. They helped us understand the local sales culture, techniques, and best practices. Today, our sales team is on the ground, and we are continuing our partnership with Vistar, who have spent the last six months establishing one of the healthiest sales pipelines we have seen.

Rohit Razdan

Working with Jiten, Vineet and the rest of the Vistar team has been a pleasure! They worked with the Clear team as one unit. They went above and beyond, helping the Clear team with setting up local operations. And hiring local teams. They represented the brand very well in front of the customers and net net played a major part in our success. I would highly recommend them to those seeking to hit the ground running with reliable local partner!

Ajay Jha

Partnering with Vistar has been a transformative journey for Seer Dynamics in the Middle East. Throughout our partnership, we have unlocked unparalleled opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieved remarkable success. Vistar's unwavering commitment to excellence, deep market insights, and dedication to customer satisfaction have enriched our partnership and significantly enhanced our ability to deliver exceptional sales experience to our clients in the region.

We Provide Range Of Tailored Services To Meet Your Business Objectives For The Middle-East Market.

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